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Although we hunt with traditional bows we want the viewer to know we are not against any form of legal hunting and realize the hunting equipment utilized is a matter of personal choice. The simple traditional equipment we use just seems to fit our style of hunting. Traditional bows are easy to tune and there is not much to go wrong with them in the field and we prefer to spend most of our time hunting and not tinkering with our equipment. We have had the opportunity to know and hunt with some of the best bowhunters in the world and from time to time you may see a famous face on our films but I guarantee it won't be us. We are real bowhunters enjoying real bowhunting and we promise to keep it that way. The anticipation of being behind a bent bow will continue to take us into the places of our dreams but we should never forget to acknowledge and honor the Creator for all we enjoy there.

Ron Crouch

Ron has been a serious bow hunter for over 40 years. He has bow hunted all over  North America including Alaska and has been fortunate to harvest many big game animals some of which are considered trophy class by Pope and Young standards however each of them are trophies to him regardless of the size. Ron has devoted many years to the California Bowmen Hunters and has won state championships in

the traditional class. He is a senior member of the Big Game Club and has served

as an official measurer for both C.B.H. and the Pope and Young Club.

In addition to bowhunting he enjoys backpacking, camping, fishing, videography and just spending time in the outdoors with friends and family. Ron has worked as a parts manager for a major automotive company and owned two taxidermy studios. He is currently a resident Deputy Sheriff for a small mountain community and also active on the Search and Rescue team. After many disappointing years of living life according to his own plans he finally said “yes” to God’s perfect plan. He had accepted Jesus as his personal Savior as a young boy but had not made Him Lord of his life. His life has changed immensely over the last few years and he has witnessed miracle after miracle of God’s grace and love since deciding to surrender all and follow Him. He now wants to share that love with everyone but especially the outdoors men and women that witness His awesome splendor in the creation that they have come to love and enjoy. He wants them to know the Creator of all they have witnessed in their adventures and to know Him in a very real and personal way.  

Rodney York

Rodney can’t recall not having a bow in his hand. He claims he picked up limbs and sticks as well as many bad shooting habits teaching himself the art of hunting as a child. Rodney has always stated that he was born 200 years too late and refused to come inside to sleep until the snow covered his sleeping bag and his mother forced him to do so. Rodney’s comfort in the outdoors and love for high elevation adventures have been blessed with gifts from God in close encounters from Kodiak Grizzlies to Pine Martins. Filming wildlife became a past time of Rodney’s as a teenager so he could verify to his father the close proximity of the game he engaged. He dabbled with firearms until seventeen when he began hunting exclusively with bow and arrow. Rodney York is past Vice-President of Bowhunting for the state of California, Bowhunter of the Year and received a Lifetime Achievement Award

from California Bowmen Hunters. He has served as a Measurer for the Pope and Young Club for more than 30 years and is a Senior member of that organization and The Professional Bowhunters Society. Careers for Rodney have been the manager for a cement plant, manufacturing air conditioning ducting, logging/timber falling and public school teacher. The Savior’s gift of eternal life was asked for by Rodney as an eight year old. Over the years Rodney’s faith and prayers were honored by his Heavenly Father whom sheltered him from most of life’s storms. Rodney acknowledges he is nothing without his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Rodney’s desire is to continually become more humble and honor his Savior by sharing more boldly God’s love for all. His challenge is to encourage us all to consistently communicate in a personal relationship with God. 

Randy Wilson spent most of his earlier years in a mountain valley that had few or no permanent residents. His free time was spent hunting, fishing or swimming in the mountain stream. At age twelve his father woke him early one morning and said that there was a buck in the front yard and it fell over in his mother’s flower bed after one very nervous shot from a borrowed 30/30. Randy was in the last year of the draft and his lottery number was 26 and he enlisted in the Marine Corps as he was told that they were pulling out of Viet Nam.  He did not realize at the time the purpose of him being drafted until thirty some years later. Even until this day things are being revealed that God has a plan for his life. After his

Randy Wilson

enlistment was up he returned to the job at the saw mill and after enduring a freezing winter working night shifts there had to be something better. For the next ten years he worked seasonally logging until God came up with a better plan for his life as a Bulldozer operator for a fire department. A divorce led him to the realization of  his need to commit his life to the Lord again and it was during this time he spent a couple of years as a chaplain. He has also served as the Hired Equipment Coordinator for over twenty years. This was someone that failed algebra in high school but was responsible for paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars to hired equipment used on fires and other emergencies. The first commitment to the Lord as Savior was at twelve years of age but events in his late twenties lead him to leave his first love. It was not until the divorce and a re dedication did the peace return and many of the stories of his grace and favor happen. Once asked by someone out of the area while on a fire how the fishing was where he lived he responded not much of a fisherman. But a coworker said yes you are, you are a fisher of men.

Art Cain

Art Cain has been an avid bow hunter for nearly thirty five years. He picked up a bow and arrow for the first time in 1979 and fell in love with it. He says he learned to shoot by watching Fred Bear on TV Outdoor shows. Fred Bear became his mentor and using his autobiography Art followed Fred's footsteps thru North America. He harvested trophy mule deer in some of the same mountains of Wyoming and Montana about which Fred wrote. Eventually, Art ended up working for Fred as an archery representative and field tester for nearly 20 years. Archery became a way of life for Art. He was an owner of an Archery Pro shop for many years and recently retired as a California Law Enforcement Lieutenant for the Department of Corrections. He hasbeen successful in harvesting many world class

 record big game species. Art's most important practices are that of giving back to the sport ofbow hunting through environmental conservation and the preservation of archery for future generations. Art has been a member of the California Bowmen Hunters for 30 years and an official measurer for as many. He is a senior member and serves on the Big Game Committee.. Art was a recipient of the Bow Hunter of the Year and the Lifetime Achievement awards. He is also a senior member of the Pope and Young Club and serves on the Membership Committee and is P&Y official measurer. Art believes that God has opened many doors to him in life. He has experienced numerous personal miracles of God's grace he wishes to share with you. Art states, "God created the earth; being able to explore it in its' beauty, in the high country from Alaska to Antarctica have been gifts from our Creator." Sharing the love of God is Art's passion and goal to continue.

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The anticipation of being behind a bent bow will continue to take us into the places of our dreams but we should never forget to acknowledge and honor the Creator for all

we enjoy there.

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"We at Bent Bow Outdoor Productions want to acknowledge and sincerely thank our wives and families. Without their love and support this ministry would have never come to fruition."

       We at Bent Bow Outdoor Productions want to acknowledge and sincerely thank

Sequoia Worship Center / Ignite Revival Ministries for believing in and supporting this ministry.

       And, we at Bent Bow Outdoor Productions want to acknowledge and sincerely thank Connie Stoffel 

for her tireless work on our social media."


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